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    Hardy Plants
    House Plants
    Plant Supplies
    Semi Hardy Plants
    Dried Gourds
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    Hardy PlantsHardy Plants
    Intriguing and resilient. Sempervivum, Indian Bean, Foxglove Tree, Protea, Banana
    House PlantsHouse Plants
    Exotic, curious, ornamental. Frangipani, adenium, curry leaf, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, night scented jasmine, tea tree, toothache plant
    Plant SuppliesPlant Supplies
    All the extra stuff. Houseplant Focus, Chilli Focus, peat, SB Plant Invigorator
    Semi Hardy PlantsSemi Hardy Plants
    Wonderful yet frost resistant. Pomegranate, kangaroo paw, oleander, silk tree, fur balls, wonga wonga vine
    Dried GourdsDried Gourds
    Get creative! Bottle, calabash, apple, pear, egg, cannonball, swan neck
    Fresh viable seeds. Frankincense, venus fly trap, titty fruit, willy chilli, CAP267, sensitive plant

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    Curry leaf plant in bloom...

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    Goji Berry Plants


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    A Collection of 10 Different Sedum Plants - named varieties

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    Fruity herb collection


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